May 2021

It’s Time for Performathon

May 1 — 31, 2021

Scheid Deignan Brown PC is the Presenting Sponsor for the Concord Conservatory of Music’s May 2021 Performathon, an important community fundraising event based on musical performances during the month of May. Performathon is driven by CCM music students, who are committed to inspiring hope in our community through their music, passion, and dedication.

This event enables CCM to continue its commitment to their students and families by providing financial assistance funding—allowing any person, “regardless of economic status or ability,” access to music education—and maintaining their programming opportunities.

How CCM Serves Our Community

CCM is a non-profit music school that serves Concord and its 15 neighboring communities. Its purpose is to “foster a sense of community through music by providing accessible, high-quality music education and performance opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels.”

How CCM Students Help

Students at CCM, from beginners, “who have mastered their first song,” to “accomplished students who have studied for years,” are creating and practicing for their special, May musical performances. They also are creating personal fundraising pages, through which they give the gift of music to other students.

How You Can Help

To support CCM students during Performathon, connect with them Here. CCM student performances will be conducted in a series of recitals over five days in May. For the recital schedule, go to the CCM website Here.